Sunday Schools: We have Sunday School for all ages.  Children’s Sunday School is broken up into short and active areas.  They do a Children’s Choir, games, or crafts, and then move to a time of learning the lesson for the day.  Youth meet weekly for Sunday School.  There are three different adult classes as well.  The Golden Rule class is a lecture-style class.  Cross Talk is a devotion and discussion class, and the Word Search Class does different studies and many are video and discussion-based. 

CheerGivers: CheerGivers are a caring group of people who want to connect the love of God with folk who are unable to come to Milford Hills UMC worship for whatever reason. They meet every other Thursday at 10:30 in the church library. They share information, sign cards, make phone calls to sick and shut-ins, and form teams to visit folks. They also take Holy Communion 3 or 4 times a year to those who wish to have it. They take cupcakes to shut-ins who have a birthday. Celebrating birthdays is one of the perks of being a CheerGiver, second only to the blessings received from visiting with dear friends who are not able to worship physically at MHUMC. They invite any to join them in spreading cheer in the name of Jesus.

Bible Study: Tuesdays at 10:00 am there is a standing Bible Study in our Library.  There are also short-term Bible Studies that happen throughout the year. 

Milford Bears: Milford Bear became a part of Milford Hills in 1998. Michael

was our pastor. He got the idea from reading another church’s newsletter and

wondered if we could do the same thing here.  Milford Bear sits in the pew.

He is passed around for folks to hug and pass along. Whenever someone wants to

send those hugs and prayers to a person in need of love, encouragement, prayers,

or even celebration, Milford is given away in the name of Jesus and MHUMC. He has

been given away to many and mailed to far away places. He has entertained many a

child sitting in the church pew. Milford Bear has a heart for God and for people.

Friendly Neighborhood Club: This is a group of people in our surrounding neighborhood who join together for a pot-luck lunch and a program.  It is open to everyone and anyone who wants to join on the second Monday of every month.

Pub Theology : Every first Thursday at Morgan Ridge Railwalk.  

The Mission of Pub Theology is taking the Love of Jesus outside the

church walls and placing it back in the spaces and places of everyday

life.  This is a gathering of adults, in a setting outside of the church,

to discuss spiritual matters and topics. 

Knit & Nibbles: On Tuesdays at 11:30, several women meet in the library

to make prayer shawls. They knit and crochet and use some yarn that has

been donated for this project. They also bring their own snacks to nibble on.  These prayer shawls are then given to people and friends of the congregation who are need of extra prayer. 

Stephen Ministry: Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place in congregations that use the Stephen Series system.  Stephen Ministry congregations equip and empower lay caregivers—called Stephen Ministers—to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting.

United Methodist Women: The 
UMW membership is open to all women. UMW’s focus is mission work for women, children and youth.  UMW meets monthly in small groups, called circles. The Circle of LIGHT meets at 2:00 pm on the 1st Tuesday. The ACT Circle meets on the 2nd Tuesday at 10:00 am. Mothers & Others meets on the 2nd Thursday at 6:30 pm. Locations vary.  Limitless is a young women's circle (15-24 years old) and they meet at different times and days.  For more information please contact the church office.  

United Methodist Men: The UMM meets on the third Monday of every month at 6:30 for a meal and time of fellowship with one another. All men are welcome to come and participate in the missions and activities of the UMM.  Some of their work is to serve a yearly dinner to the widows and other women of the church and to conduct fundraiser meals for mission projects and other needs within the congregation.  

Milford Hills UMC is a very active congregation.  We have many opportunities for all ages to grow in their spiritual lives through fellowship, prayer, and learning. Please note many of these ministries are on hold because of the pandemic. Please call the church office if you would like more information and to see if a particular ministry is currently happening.