On November 15, 2020, the Charge Conference will vote on whether or not to move forward in purchasing the house at 230 West Glenview Dr. They will propose a means to raise funds to purchase this new parsonage and preliminary plans for how we will pay for it.

Work is done with Bill Burgin to come up with a plan for renovations of a joint building project,  Building One Renovations, and a new Parsonage. A Building Team with two subcommittees is officially formed in November 2019.

Now that we are in quarantine and not meeting in person, Kristie (Chair of Building Team) and Pastor Jim put together a video to explain the whole project. 

An online survey was distributed and people shared their concerns and questions. In response to some of the questions, our District Superintendent agreed to create a video explaining more about parsonages and housing allowances. 

The Parsonage Team dives into the Conference's Goals of a parsonage and starts to wrestle with how to bring the current parsonage up to these standards.

Western North Carolina Conference's Goals of a Parsonage

After passing the Church Conference, the final plans are presented to another Charge Conference. If passed the purchase of the new parsonage can be completed.

Church Conference will be

Sunday, December 20, 2020, at 2pm

The Parsonage Team gives this video report at a M.E.A.L. meeting in May of 2019. We go over the costs associated with fixing inspection issues, renovations, and housing allowance. They request to move forward with planning to build a new parsonage. 

May 2018, an inspection is done on the current parsonage and this is the report. 

1601 Bellevue Inspection Report

Here is how we got to where we are. There is a lot of information but take your time and understand all the hard work that has gone into this process.


The two Sub-committees, Building One, and the Parsonage work hard to come up with a plan and potential costs. The presentation is given to focus group. Notes were taken and some items were adjusted. Plans were made for a church-wide launch to bring people up to speed with the project and start field questions and concerns.

In September 2020, the Building Team decided that we should move forward looking into resolving the issues with the parsonage and push pause on Building One since we do not know when we will be in the buildings yet. As the Parsonage Team looked into building a new parsonage, the cost seemed too high to make it a reasonable option. We talked about looking around to purchasing and a house at 230 West Glenview Dr. in the Forest Glen neighborhood became available and not on the market. To understand this story and the house, please watch the video below. 

A CHURCH Conference is held where every member of Milford Hills United Methodist Church will be able to vote on whether or not to purchase the new parsonage. As the book of Discipline states, "A majority vote of the membership present and voting at the church conference shall be required to approve the preliminary plans.


If you have any questions, please fill out the form below to submit them and they will be passed on to the proper group, team, or committee.

District Committee on Church Building and Location approves the new parsonage.